Hydrolysed Collagen

Collagen is one of the most abundant compounds in our bodies and represents around 30% of our body’s protein content. It makes up the skin, bones and also that very important cartilage, that holds tissue and the skeletal system together. Also it is present in blood vessels, the cornea of the eye and in the gut too. It is in effect like a biological ‘glue’ that holds us together.

As we age our body is less able to make collagen and this leads to cell structures losing their strength, seen outwardly in the form of wrinkles, for example.

Importantly, collagen is also found in connective tissues including cartilage itself, tendons and ligaments.

In addition to Vitamin C and copper within the Prime Fifty Joint Health product, included for collagen formation and the maintenance of connective tissues, hydrolysed collagen (a more soluble form of collagen) has also been added to the formulation, as further support.