Why I Developed Prime Fifty for the Over 50s

by Dr Max Gowland (Founder of Prime Fifty)

Ever since a child, I was interested in the field of chemistry and this led me to eventually gain a degree and then later, a PhD in amino acid and antibiotic science. I worked in research and product development all my life and more recently worked within the field of sports nutrition.

However, being as always, wanting to absorb knowledge on this subject, I started investigating more deeply, all the relevant science of ageing and the importance of nutrition in older adults. After all, I am one of these so called ‘older adults’ (at 60 myself now), so I found this particular field of science of even greater interest.

I have to say what I read shocked me, as it became clear that us older adults really needed to take even greater care of our diet and also our exercise regime, even more so than our younger counterparts! But do we all really take note of this? Do we even understand this? I suspect not!

I was therefore highly motivated to look into this subject of nutrition in the over 50s much further and this led me to start the new Company and Brand, called Prime Fifty.

Without getting into detail in this blog, it is very clear that older adults can improve their dietary health significantly, by not only taking care of their overall diet generally, but also by supplementing with relevant macro and micro nutrients. By macro nutrients I mean the big three, namely protein, carbs and fats, while the micronutrients simply refer to vitamins, minerals and also other nutrients that are needed only in small daily amounts, typically less than a gram per day and in some cases, sub-milligram.

According to many National Diet & Nutrition studies, where people in the survey have been interviewed by dieticians and filled in accurate diaries re their food intakes, the data tell us that many of us are simply not getting enough essential nutrients that are key for optimum health. Examples include Vitamin D, where nearly all of us are typically way below the accepted RDA and this in turn, can lead to loss of bone density with time, even more so for post-menopausal women. Vitamin D is also needed for muscle strength too and low levels will clearly lead ultimately to loss of strength and ultimately enhanced frailty, something we all want to keep at bay for as long as possible. There is now even evidence that higher levels of this vitamin(higher than the RDA) can lead to less falls as we age!

Other examples include the lack of Vitamin E which is a critically important anti-oxidant, which in turn helps our cells fight against damaging ‘free radicals’, which can cause inflammation and cell damage throughout our body. This includes our brains, our hearts , our blood vessels  and so on, so we must get the recommended levels if we are to avoid issues later in life. There is also much research now looking into the effect of Vitamin E levels on cognition and also Alzheimers disease.

According to many diet studies, many of us are also typically lacking in Vitamin C, Folate, Riboflavin, Magnesium, Zinc and also Potassium, all of which will mean that those who fail to act could suffer chronic issues as the years go by. Supplementation is simply a simple and convenient way of ensuring that we all get the relevant amount of nutrients, which in my opinion must be the right thing to do. It’s so cheap and simple.

On the macro nutrient front, protein is the nutrient that we are lacking. Though many of us get the recommended RDA in a well-planned diet, there is ample evidence now that as we age, we tend to lose muscle mass and strength and this can be inhibited and even reversed if we eat higher amounts of protein, which can be enhanced further if we take appropriate exercise too. It is accepted now by the top global protein scientists, that we should be eating 30-50% more protein than the previously accepted RDA if we are to try and avoid this muscle wasting or ‘sarcopenia’ to give it its technical name.

In summary, and being someone who has always applied scientific logic to most problems, I am therefore totally convinced that as we age, we can all do so much more with our nutrition by supplementing with the appropriate nutrients. For me it’s a no brainer.

I therefore made the decision to start Prime Fifty in the hope and belief that I could convince over 50s adults like myself and others to think more seriously about our diet and our supplemental needs too, so we could all benefit from ensuring we get the optimal amounts of healthy nutrition into our diets as we age, with an outcome which frankly must be positive for our health and wellbeing.

Initially Prime Fifty will launch four products which are totally focussed on ensuring we deliver what we learned from interviewing many over 50s in focus groups and also from on line research too. Loss of mobility and movement was clearly the number one area of concern expressed in this feedback, something none of us want to ever lose as we age. We therefore decided that Strong Bones, Healthy Joints, Maintaining Muscle and Fighting Fatigue would feature as our initial launch range, being so key to healthy ageing. We also decided to enhance these targeted products still further by adding ‘healthy ageing’ ingredients that we know are crucial to our ageing metabolism, so bringing still more age related healthy benefits across every single product in the Prime Fifty range.

Though we know that a healthy diet is of paramount importance to us all, we also know that we don’t always get this perfect diet….we also know, or at least the scientists know, that many of us are simply not getting enough nutrition through diet alone. I have started the Prime Fifty Company to address this and I am 100% convinced that our products will bring real benefits through enhanced nutrition, which has been specifically tailored to the needs of the over 50s. It is like no other range of products on sale and I am confident that these products will help optimise our nutrition and our health.