Strong Bones - Vitamin D & Calcium Tablets

Strong Bones - Vitamin D & Calcium Tablets

A tailored blend of nutrients including vitamin D & K, calcium, vitamin C and bone relevant minerals formulated to maintain bone strength. Also, contains a patented ‘healthy ageing’ blend to address those key nutrients you are likely missing as well providing immunity support.

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About the supplement

The importance of Bone Health as we age

The importance of Bone Health as we age

Bones are living tissue that includes the combination of bone, nerves, cartilage and connective tissues, with blood vessels supplying important nutrients to the bones.

Only around 65% of bone is actually composed of hard mineral substances, with the rest being organic providing extra strength, durability and flexibility. Collagen is a key protein which is also present in bone and literally holds the calcium structure together, rather likes bricks and mortar.

By the time we reach 30 years old, our bones have reached peak bone strength and mass, with post 40yrs being the start of the bone mass decline. This is significantly speeded up in post-menopausal women, though men do not escape this bone loss with age.

In younger adults resorption (loss) and formation of bone is equal but as we age, the process of bone resorption sets in, resulting in a loss of bone density.

Dietary calcium is needed to ensure that healthy bone is built. Failure to get enough calcium can result in severe bone loss with the result being osteoporosis. This can of course then lead to fractures.

Many diet studies across the world have shown quite conclusively that many over 50’s adults are not getting nearly enough calcium….in fact, in the UK, nearly 50% of older adults fail to reach RDA levels of calcium. In addition, there are even more that are not getting enough of that vital vitamin D in their diet either, the combination of which leads to an even greater risk of potential bone fractures.

Even if calcium is in plentiful supply, the calcium absorption is very much dependent on vitamin D and therefore it is also vital to get enough vitamin D too.

It is important to ensure that both calcium and vitamin D intake is at least as much as the recommended intake, though many scientists will also argue that an even higher dose of these nutrients is essential as we age. This is due to the fact that vitamin D synthesis is typically less efficient as we age… don't forget, much of our vitamin D is synthesised in our skin as a result of sunlight, something that we typically don’t get enough of.

Another key nutrient that is often forgotten about is vitamin K, which also plays a key role in the formation of bone and there is growing evidence that diets rich in vitamin K could play a role in increasing bone density in people with osteoporosis, which in turn has been shown in some studies to reduce fractures too.

The Prime Fifty Strong Bones product contains not only calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K but a range of additional bone relevant ingredients which are designed to support optimum health in your bone structure.

Supplement Information

Advanced nutritional blend of carefully selected natural ingredients to help your overall bone health

  • Calcium & Vitamin D

  • Extra Absorption

  • Vitamin K & Bone Minerals

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Behind the formula

Prime Fifty’s Strong Bones formula

Prime Fifty Strong Bones formula has been specifically created for the needs of the over 50’s, as part of a nutritional range to help you stay active.

Maintaining bone health is vital for movement and strength and this unique formula contains key nutritional ingredients to help your bones remain strong and in prime condition.

Calcium plus minus

Most people should be able to get enough calcium from their diet but this is not always the case. In fact, in the UK, nearly 50% of older adults did not reach the recommended intake. Also, calcium absorption can be reduced in the ageing gut. In addition, bones lose their density and strength with age, especially in post-menopausal women and it is therefore essential to ensure that we are getting enough calcium. Failure to do this can lead to further bone density loss and possible fractures.

Prime Fifty therefore has added calcium to the formula . It is scientifically proven that calcium contributes to the maintenance of bone strength and this is enhanced in the presence of vitamin D.


Vitamin D plus minus

The vast majority of people, especially over 50’s, fail to get the recommended intake of vitamin D and therefore supplementation is now being recommended by many health professionals. Most vitamin D will come from sunlight and it is only found in a small number of foods, hence the need for such supplementation to guarantee the recommended levels.

This vitamin works in conjunction with calcium and phosphorus, ensuring that these two key bone minerals are absorbed efficiently from the gut and to where they are needed most.

There is also much evidence from a range of sources that intake of vitamin D higher than the recommended intake can be beneficial in older adults. There is now proof that such additional supplementation can not only help with bone strength but also even reduce the incidence of falls too!

Prime Fifty has therefore formulated vitamin D into all its products in order to ensure that the benefits of this incredibly important vitamin are gained.

Vitamin D also has other health benefits within immunity and also protection from oxidative stress, which is the onset of damage caused by free radicals to our cells, very relevant to the ageing body, where oxidative stress is more and more common.

Vitamin D

Vitamin K plus minus

Another ingredient used by Prime Fifty’s Strong Bones product is vitamin K. Vitamin K is now well established by good science to also contribute to the maintenance of bone strength, thereby giving Prime Fifty a double benefit, together with vitamin D.

Vitamin K

Magnesium and Zinc plus minus

Bones are also composed of other minerals besides calcium and phosphorus. Two key minerals that are essential for bone health are magnesium and zinc, both of which have been proven scientifically to contribute to bone health and therefore Prime Fifty have also used these nutrients in their bone strength formula.

Magnesium Zinc

Vitamin C, Manganese and Copper plus minus

In separate studies, vitamin C has been shown to contribute to the formation of collagen, which is the protective layer between bones, whilst manganese and copper are proven scientifically to contribute to the maintenance of tendons and ligaments. As tendons and ligaments are both connected to bone, and collagen plays a key role in bone movement, Prime Fifty believes they are highly relevant ingredients to use in bone strength products, hence their inclusion.

Vitamin C Manganese Copper

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