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Dot from Liverpool (five)

Took prime fifty joints for two days and noticed improvement in my dodgy hip.

Took it for two weeks and I am now pain free .

Bought my husband a pack to ease his creaking joints and enable him to get round the golf course.  Didn't improve his golf but cured his joints!  Recommend to all - they really work!

Carolynne from London (five)

I'm not normally one to write reviews but I was recommended Prime Fifty several weeks ago whilst I was waiting for a physiotherapy appointment to come through to help resolve a niggling ex-dancer injury. I personally decided to also take the fighting fatigue one at the same time given I have two small children and juggling a busy career with children means tiredness is a permanent feature. I am not over 50 and have to admit I was somewhat sceptical at first. However, I couldn't have been proved more wrong!

In a matter of weeks I have noticed a significant improvement in both my knee issues. Most days I don't notice the pain any more (to the point that I was almost tempted to cancel my appointment). Not only do I have more energy levels, and am therefore more alert and focused during the day, but I have also found that I sleep better at night too. In addition to these changes which I was hoping for, I have also noticed that my skin, hair and nails are in far better condition and growing super fast. A very unexpected and welcome bonus! Since I started taking them I haven't changed my diet, exercise regime or lifestyle so can only attribute all the changes to the Prime Fifty supplements.

I have also thought it brilliant, that the scientist behind the supplement is personally promoting the product and able to directly answer questions, rather than hiding behind a sales person. Faced with an overwhelming range on offer, I have found it interesting to have insight into the science behind the product, and for someone like me with other health issues to consider, this has been really reassuring and I feel demonstrates the knowledge and passion behind the product.

The supplements have become an easy part of my daily routine now and they are very reasonably priced for the quality so to anyone hesitating I would just say go for it! 

Tina from Hull (five)

Muscle & Strength Support Formula (Shake)

With the wide range of micro nutrients & vitamins this formula contains, it far out ‘wheys’ any other on the market.

After only taking this product a month I felt a lot more energetic and my usual aches & pains disappeared, especially after a work out.

Balanced with a high protein diet I lost nearly a stone using this product as a meal replacement. It has maintained my weight & strength.

Great taste, no lumps. Try blending with Low Fat Greek Yoghurt & strawberries for a thicker shake or add to unflavoured porridge.

Bone Strength Formula

Having been diagnosed with osteopenia these supplements certainly made a difference. The high dosage of calcium they contain was just what my bones needed.

I swear my skin feels more supple after taking these supplements, must be the collagen.

Peter from Malvern (five)

I’m now 71 and I have been using Prime Fifty Supplement for just over a year. I consider it has indeed helped me maintain an active life style. I attend a gym three times a week for about an hour and a half each session. Each session being made up of about 45 minutes CV, and the remainder on mat and bar exercises. Coupled to this on the off days I walk for about a mile and half to get the morning papers. More importantly I’m able to keep up with my young and very active grandchildren whilst walking on the Malvern Hills and Brecon Beacons.

Gillian (five)

Prime Fifty Fighting Fatigue has been like a magic potion for me, the level of tiredness prior to taking these tablets was unbearable - what a difference they've made!