About Us

Our Approach

All Prime Fifty products have all been specifically formulated to meet the needs of the over 50’s. This means that they are tailored products based on evidence-based science and knowledge of health and nutrition. 

Firstly we have examined a range of diet and nutrition studies across the world, in which nutrient intakes have been measured. The data from these studies show that many people do not reach the recommended intake of some key nutrients, as part of their diet.

Secondly, there is a huge amount of good science in the scientific literature, basically proposing that ‘optimal’ intakes of some key nutrients are considerably higher than what is suggested in the simple RDA (recommended daily intake) recommendations. Looking across both deficiencies and also optimal intakes, Prime Fifty have formulated all their products to take account of these scientific facts and data.

Thirdly, where we use some key minerals, we have used special, highly soluble minerals to help with mineral absorption, which can be less efficient in the aging gut. In addition, we have used a patented ingredient called Bioperine, which has been proven to aid the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals, so ensuring maximum uptake. 

Also, in the muscle maintenance powder, we have formulated this with added lactase which helps with lactose digestion (which tends to be more difficult with age).

carefully formulated by PhD scientists

Product Safety

All Prime Fifty products have been carefully formulated by PhD scientists who put product safety high up their agenda

All products are manufactured within the UK in plants with the very highest quality standards. 

Each ingredient across the entire product range has a well-proven track record of consumer safety. There are no ‘experimental’ or ‘speculative’ ingredients used anywhere in our products. All vitamins and minerals have been formulated well below the designated safe ‘upper limits’ as laid down by EU legislation.

made by a specialist manufacturer

Product Quality & Manufacturing

Our tablets are made by a specialist manufacturer with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) accreditation

Therefore, only high quality materials are used, with traceability to their origin. The plant is also inspected and audited by the Medicines Regulatory Agency (MRHA) on a regular basis. 

Our nutritious powders are also UK-manufactured in a plant accredited to the very high ‘BRC’ standard. This is a quality standard set by the British Retail Consortium. The unit manufacturing Prime Fifty holds the very highest BRC ‘Grade A’ accreditation guaranteeing the best quality product possible.