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The overall appearance of our skin, hair & our nails reflects our general health in so many ways and is very much linked to our daily nutrition, which is responsible for their continual nourishment and growth.

We also know factually that the vast majority of over 50s are failing to reach the recommended intake for many nutrients which are responsible for healthy skin, hair & nails.

Beautiful skin on the outside requires a healthy foundation within and much of this internal structure is dependent on collagen, which is the most abundant protein found in the body. These collagen fibres also provide further structure and firmness in combination with another skin protein called elastin which helps maintains skin elasticity.

As we age however, both our collagen and elastin levels within the dermis layer of the skin decrease, giving rise to a less supple and plump skin which in turn promotes wrinkling.

Our skin in particular is also under daily attack from sunlight and UV damage, both within the epidermis and deeper down within the dermis itself, promoting harmful oxidation via free radicals which are well known to damage the integrity and

mechanical nature of the skin cells. Anti-oxidant nutrients including vitamin C and E, working in combination, are known to play a protective role in skin and other tissues by inhibiting this damaging free radical oxidative attack.

Loss of moisture is a further issue associated with ageing skin, making it appear less attractive.

A lower trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) is associated with more hydrated skin and the content of some key polyunsaturated fatty acids within the dermis, such as -linolenic acid (GLA), play an important role in helping to retain moisture.

Many high calibre scientific studies continue to show clearly that nutrition plays a fundamental role in the overall health and appearance of skin. A number of essential micronutrients have been clearly identified in research, as playing a major role in the maintenance of healthy looking skin as explained overleaf.

Hair and nails being a part of an overall beauty care regime, will also benefit from a healthy diet, rich in certain micronutrients. Many studies show the benefits of some essential micronutrients such as zinc and selenium and research is continuing on the role of bamboo and green tea extracts, as sources of silicon and free radical quenchers respectively. As sulphur is also known to play a strengthening role via protein chain cross linking in keratin, nutrients such as cysteine and MSM have also been included in the formulation

skin, hair and nails

Behind the formula

Prime Fifty’s Beauty from Inner Health formula

The Prime Fifty formula has been formulated to nourish and protect your skin, hair & nails from within,

using its advanced age-specific multi-nutrient formulation, comprising the most essential vitamins, minerals, natural extracts and other scientifically researched ingredients.

Bio Marine Collagen Peptides plus minus

A highly absorbable bio-available form of hydrolysed collagen peptides, researched over decades as a front line skin health nutrient. Collagen is known to be a key structural protein, together with elastin, which maintains dermal structure and firmness.

Evening Primrose Oil and Starflower Oil plus minus

Natural sources of -Linolenic and Linoleic polyunsaturated fatty acids, protecting the skin against excess trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). Fatty acids like these play a key role in inhibiting water loss and also metabolising into anti-inflammatory mediators.

Vitamin C plus minus

Supporting skin health, by contributing to normal collagen formation for the healthy function of skin. Vitamin C also protects skin cells against ‘oxidative stress’ which includes oxidative attack by sunlight.

Vitamin C

Manganese and Copper plus minus

Contributing to the maintenance of connective tissues, such as collagen/elastin in the skin. These connective tissues are known to promote structure and firmness to the skin.

Manganese Copper

Niacin, Biotin, Vitamin A, C, Zinc, Riboflavin and Iodine plus minus

All these essential nutrients together are contributing to the maintenance of normal healthy skin.

Niacin Biotin Vitamin A Vitamin C Zinc Riboflavin Iodine

Biotin plus minus

Supporting the maintenance of healthy hair and also healthy skin.


Zinc and Selenium plus minus

Supporting the maintenance of healthy nails and hair quality.

Zinc Selenium

Vitamin E, C, Zinc and Selenium plus minus

Antioxidant nutrients protecting skin cells from harmful oxidative stress mostly as a result of sunlight exposure.

Vitamin E Vitamin C Zinc Selenium

Copper plus minus

Contributing to the normal pigmentation in hair, via the catalysis of pigment forming enzyme pathways.


Bamboo Extract plus minus

A natural source of silicon, as research indicates that this element may be involved in the cross-linking of certain glycosaminoglycans, which are structural polymers within connective tissues.

Vitamin B6 plus minus

Supporting the regulation of hormonal activity.

Vitamin B6

Broad spectrum micronutrient blend plus minus

Supporting a number of additional age relevant health areas such as fighting fatigue and general immunity.

BioPerine® plus minus

A patented extract of black pepper to enhance bio-availability ie supporting micronutrient absorption, which tends to decrease with age.


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