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The importance of Muscle Health with ageing

As we get older, we tend to start losing muscle mass. In fact, after the age of around 45 yrs old, we lose around 1% muscle mass each year, which means that by the time we are 65 yrs old, we may have lost a quarter of our muscle mass or even more!

This is an alarming fact to most people. In fact, there is a medical term for this, and it is ‘sarcopenia’.

Of course, loss of muscle mass leads to a reduction of strength too and even the onset of frailty later on. Frailty can, in turn, lead to a higher incidence of falls and fractures, the hip fracture being the most common. This is something we all want to avoid if possible.

But we can fight back against this quite easily with a two-pronged approach.

The first is to eat plenty of protein. The recommended daily intake for protein is around 60 grams a day for a 70kg (11 stone) person. Most of us get this if our diet is good, BUT it is now well proven that a higher protein diet is necessary to combat this muscle wasting and the suggested intake of protein is nearer 90gms a day, not 60 gms. This new recommendation has been the subject of a major international conference called the ProtAge study, in which top international ‘ageing muscle’ scientists collaborated together in coming to an overall conclusion about ageing and protein intake.

The second way of fighting back against muscle wastage is to remain active. The ‘use it or lose it’ saying is quite true when it comes to ageing and muscle mass.

Furthermore, if this exercise can be weight bearing, then this will be even better, as this will help strengthen legs, vital in gait, posture and balance.

The very best form of exercise is called ‘resistance’ exercise, in which weights can be used to stress the muscles. The muscles then want to recover afterwards and this is when they use protein from the diet or supplements to rebuild themselves, so leading to enhanced strength over time.

The combination of both resistance exercise and high protein intake is a proven combination to help inhibit sarcopenia or muscle loss.

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Behind the formula

Prime Fifty’s Maintaining Muscle milk shake formula

The Prime Fifty Maintaining Muscle formula has been specifically developed for the needs of the over 50’s, as part of a nutritional range, designed to help you stay active.

Maintaining muscle health is vital for movement and strength and this unique formula contains key nutritional ingredients to help keep your muscles in prime condition.

Whey Protein and Milk Protein plus minus

Protein is the most important nutrient for our muscles. Our muscles are always in a state of flux, both breaking down and also reforming new muscle tissue. Protein is needed as the main nutrient for all our muscles, including our heart, but also for other key tissues such as bones, blood and also hormones. Protein is made up of individual amino acid building blocks.

Whey protein is considered to be the ‘best’ protein compared to the many other proteins available. This is because the whey protein contains the highest proportion of ‘essential’ amino acids ie those amino acids that cannot be synthesised in the body. Countless scientific studies have proved this beyond doubt.

In addition, a pan European study involving the top protein scientists around the world also came together and agreed that whey protein was the best protein to combat muscle loss in ageing populations and this is why Prime Fifty has used it in this product.

Whey Protein Milk Protein

Lactase plus minus

As both whey and milk protein contain natural lactose, Prime Fifty has even added a healthy enzyme to the formulation to help with the digestion of lactose, which is present in all milk derived products. Most people will have no problem with digesting milk and milk based products, but as we know, ageing can bring on lactose intolerance with some people. Therefore, we have decided to add lactase to aid this digestion process, quite unique in this sort of product.


L-Leucine plus minus

One of the essential amino acids in particular, called L-Leucine, is a very special amino acid that has been shown scientifically to contribute to muscle health in older people, even more than any other. Again, because Prime Fifty is doing all it can to help you with muscle health, this amino acid has been added to the formulation, as it has been proven to be highly supportive to the ageing muscle.


Vitamin D, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium plus minus

Over 90% of older adults fall short on intake levels of vitamin D and also potassium, both required for efficient functioning of muscles. Nearly half of older adults are not getting enough calcium either, and this mineral is key for not only bone health but also muscle function too. Also magnesium is lacking in 80% of older adults making this mineral one of concern.

Prime Fifty has therefore used the combination of vitamin D, potassium, magnesium and calcium, all of which have been proven scientifically to contribute to muscle function.

Vitamin D Potassium Magnesium Calcium

Zinc and Magnesium plus minus

As protein synthesis is needed for muscle health and muscle maintenance, both zinc and also magnesium too have been formulated into this product as both have been proven to help with the ongoing synthesis of protein.

Remember, an ageing muscle tends to lose muscle mass faster than a younger adult leading to the loss of muscle mass and strength. Therefore the combination of protein, target micronutrients and exercise is vital for the continuing protection of muscle health as we age.

Zinc Magnesium

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