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The importance of Heart & Blood health as we age

The Prime Fifty Healthy Heart & Blood formula has been specifically developed for the needs of the over 50’s, as part of a nutritional range designed to help you stay healthy and active. Caring for your heart and also maintaining your blood health is so important as we age and this unique, age-tailored formula includes a combination of carefully selected, scientifically researched nutritional ingredients, tailored for the over 50’s.

Caring for our heart is one of the most important things we can do as we age. Our heart beats around 100,000 times every day and pumps around 5 L of blood every minute through a system of blood vessels that is over 60,000 miles long, a truly huge task, so preserving our heart health as we age is critical.

We can do so much to reduce cardiovascular(CV) risks, such as eliminating smoking, reducing stress, eating healthily and controlling our weight. And of course, exercise is crucial and becomes even more important as we age. Supplementation can also support our cardiovascular health and this becomes even more important as we age

We know that as we age, we tend to absorb nutrients less effectively. In addition, data from much global food intake, diet and nutrition surveys, shows clearly that the majority of the over 50’s are deficient in many key nutrients, some of which are essential for maintaining the health of our cardiovascular system.

It is also recognised that the vast majority of over 50’s, are also failing to get enough healthy omega-3 fatty acids from diet alone and therefore supplementation with a good quality supplement, high in Omega-3 DHA and EPA, can contribute to a healthy heart. Other nutrients like thiamin have also been found to be essential too.

Blood health too plays a role in full CV health, so Prime Fifty has formulated into this product, additional nutrients such as Vitamin C to help with collagen formation in blood vessels, and a number of other ingredients such as riboflavin, iron and other relevant vitamins which help replenish new healthy red blood cells.

The synergistic B vitamin trio complex (B6, B12 and folate) have also been carefully formulated to control normal homocysteine levels in the blood, high levels of which have been associated with heart disease later in life. Another newer and cutting edge vitamin (vitamin K2) has also been included in the formulation, following high-quality scientific research in the field of calcium and plaque inhibition in the vascular system.

‘Prime Fifty’s Healthy Heart & Blood’ formulation comprises all the above heart-healthy nutrients, plus many more, together with an additional patented healthy ageing blend, to support general health specific needs of the over 50’s, plus BioPerine and soluble organic minerals, to help enhance bioavailability and increase absorption of key nutrients.

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Behind the formula

Prime Fifty’s Heart & Blood formula

Prime Fifty have used a carefully selected group of nutrients to support your heart and blood health, including the following:

Omega 3 DHA & EPA Fatty Acids plus minus

The Omega 3 fatty acids used in this formulation are of exceptional quality and concentration. The capsule contains 300 mg of pure DHA/EPA, which together contribute to the normal functioning of our heart. Essential for heart health.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) plus minus

Thiamin contributes to the normal functioning of our heart also and has therefore been added to ensure that this key heart healthy vitamin is not lacking.

Vitamin B1

Vitamin C plus minus

In addition to aiding immunity, Vitamin C also plays a key role in the formation of collagen and therefore is highly relevant to the health of our blood vessels, whose elastic lining is dependent on having healthy collagen as part of its structure.

Vitamin C

Vitamin K2 plus minus

This vitamin is a cutting edge nutrient which has been extensively researched and is believed to remove calcium from arterial plaques and transport it into the bone matrix, where it benefits the bone building process.

Vitamin K

B Complex Trio (B6, B12, folate) plus minus

These three essential B vitamins contribute to both new blood cell formation and also healthy homocysteine levels within the blood. High levels of this toxic homocysteine are associated with cardiovascular disease later in life and therefore levels need to be controlled. Many older adults fail to absorb enough B12 from food due to low stomach acid and due to the use of some acid depleting medications.

Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12

L-Methyl Folate plus minus

Many older adults cannot metabolise folic acid from their normal diet due to a common genetic polymorphism, associated with the MTHFR gene. With L-Methyl Folate however, metabolism can occur fully, hence its addition to this formulation.

Iron, Vitamin C and Riboflavin plus minus

Iron is required to form new red blood cells and also haemoglobin. Vitamin C and Riboflavin help the body to absorb and metabolise iron effectively, so crucial for overall blood health.

Iron Vitamin C Riboflavin

Chromium plus minus

Many older adults are diabetic or pre-diabetic and therefore sugar(glucose) management within the blood is critical for health. Ensuring that adequate chromium is present is therefore important due to its involvement in the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels in the blood.


Co-Enzyme Q10 plus minus

Co-Enzyme Q10 is involved in cell energy metabolism, but levels decrease within the mitochondria, which are the cells’ internal ‘batteries’. As the heart is very energy intensive, maintaining levels of CoQ10 are important for health.

Co-Enzyme Q10

Selenium, Vitamin E and Polyphenols plus minus

Every cell in our body is under constant attack by free radicals, called oxidative stress. Selenium and Vitamin E are included to help protect our cells against this ongoing damaging oxidation, together with a selection of additional anti-oxidants such as Green Tea, Grape Seed, Resveratrol and Alpha-Lipoic Acid.

Selenium Vitamin E

BioPerine and soluble organic minerals plus minus

The ageing gut tends to be less efficient at absorbing micronutrients from our diet. Therefore both BioPerine , a special patented black pepper extract and also ultra-soluble minerals, have been utilised in this and every Prime Fifty formulation to enhance bioavailability and absorption.


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