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  • Biotin

    Biotin is also a water-soluble member of the B vitamin family, but according to scientists, is not a vitamin of concern, at all. It is available in many foods at reasonably high levels. However, Biotin is again a key vitamin and is involved in energy generation from carbohydrates and especially fats, though there is no evidence that even near deficiencies are present in the population. It is also needed for health hair, skin and nails too.

    Prime Fifty have only used Biotin at the NRV (RDA) in their Energising tablets and their Muscle Maintenance products to guarantee that biotin is not in short supply under any circumstance. 

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  • Pantothenic Acid

    This water-soluble vitamin happens to also be another B vitamin and is involved in other key metabolic processes besides the generation of energy from macronutrients such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins. In fact pantothenic acid is also responsible for the synthesis of some important hormones which are needed for bodily functions of various types.

    Prime Fifty have used the NRV (RDA) level of this vitamin in the Fighting Fatigue energy product, to ensure its presence at the required level.

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  • Vitamin E

    This is a vitamin which covers a whole range of vitamers (different vitamin forms) known as tocopherols and also tocotrienols. Vitamin E is a potent anti-oxidant and has been proven to protect our cells from what is called ‘oxidative stress’. This is the damage caused by free radicals in our body which lead to a whole range of cell damage issues. Free radical production is known to be a key contributor to the ageing process. Also, over 90% of adults in the US were found to be consuming less than the estimated average requirement for Vitamin E!

    Prime Fifty have therefore included Vitamin E across the range as this is such a relevant nutrient in the ageing body. 

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  • Vitamin K

    As one of the less well known fat soluble vitamins, this vitamin is responsible for helping our blood clot when we bleed after cutting ourselves or after surgery. Another key health benefit from vitamin K is its ability to maintain bone strength so this is another very important and relevant vitamin for the over 50’s consumer. 

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  • Vitamin D

    This is a key vitamin for bone health and is even more important with the over 50’s, when bone density is dropping and fractures become more likely. It works by promoting the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, both key constituents of bone. A failure to get enough vitamin D can lead to bone loss and this can lead on to loss of bone density and strength. Unfortunately, the majority of over 50’s across the western world are deficient in vitamin D and this is a real concern which needs addressing.

    Vitamin D is mostly acquired via sunlight with only a small proportion coming from diet. As we age, we tend to spend less time in the sunlight and therefore it is nearly the norm to have less than the required vitamin D. Even the NHS are now advising supplementation with this vitamin.

    Prime Fifty has decided to include vitamin D at double the NRV/RDA across its range.

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  • Vitamin C

    Vitamin C offers a range of health benefits including the most well known benefit i.e. that of immune function. It also offers benefits re collagen (in joints, bones, teeth, skin), energy and fatigue inhibition, an anti-oxidant benefit (so affording protection of cells) and also it helps the absorption of iron, very important in the formation of oxygen carrying haemoglobin.

    A range of diet and nutrition studies did in fact show that Vitamin C intakes were also a little low vs recommended levels so Prime Fifty use Vitamin C across the whole range at double the NRV (RDA) to capitalise on these health benefits.

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  • Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)

    Like the other B vitamins, this is a water-soluble material, involved in cell division, energy production, red blood cell formation and immunity. However, in the ageing gut, the absorption of B12 can be far less efficient than their younger counterparts. This is due to a lower acidity in the stomach leading to poor absorption (and therefore use) of Vitamin B12. This energy vitamin is also associated with the maintenance of homocysteine levels, just like B6 and hence highly relevant to the ageing consumer. Also, there is growing evidence that B12 is associated with brain health and cognition so getting the proper level of B12 is vital.

    Prime Fifty has incorporated B12 into all its products.

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  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

    Though involved in many energy forming reactions in the body, B6 also has been proven to maintain normal levels of a substance called ‘homocysteine’. Homocysteine is present in the blood plasma and high levels are associated with cardio-vascular issues of all sorts. This is why Prime Fifty has decided to include this in all its products. In addition, some believe that older people need more B6, as it is metabolised less efficiently than in younger adults. 

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  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

    As with the B vitamins, again this is a water-soluble vitamin. However in a range of diet studies across the world, there appears to be no concerns at all regarding deficiencies of lower than recommended intakes.

    Prime Fifty have used Niacin at just over double its NRV (RDA) in both the energy and the muscle maintenance products.

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  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

    Riboflavin is involved in a whole host of reactions involving the release of energy from not only carbs, but also fats and amino acids (from protein). This vitamin is also an anti-oxidant and so is implicated in the protection of cells from damage such as the heart, the brain, the skin etc.

    Riboflavin has been shown in older adults in the UK, to be a concern re healthy intakes and therefore we have added riboflavin at triple the NRV (RDA) across the whole Prime Fifty range.


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