Most of our selenium intake comes from plants and it is well known that European soil is actually quite poor compared with the US. UK diet studies have indicated that a significant proportion of the adult population may have selenium intakes far below the recommended intake. So selenium intakes are seen as a risk area and therefore supplementation with this key trace mineral can be important.

 Selenium is a powerful anti-oxidant and protects our cells against oxidative damage, especially as we age. In fact selenium has been extensively studied by scientists across the world in relation to anti-cancer, brain health and cardiovascular issues too, though as this is a controversial field, it is too early to draw clear conclusions.

Selenium has however been proven to also contribute to immunity, skin health and even bone health too by scientists within the EU.

We view selenium as a highly relevant mineral for the ageing body, and so have included this as part of the Prime Fifty proprietary blend of micronutrients across the range.