Protein is composed of building blocks called amino acids. Our body needs twenty such amino acids, some of which can be synthesised within our own metabolism, while other aminos need to come from our diet. These aminos are called ‘essential’ amino acids for obvious reasons.

All of us, as we age, will tend to lose up to a quarter of our muscle mass by the time we are 60-65, which can lead to loss of strength, stability and induce a level of frailty later on, if we do not do something about it.

The results of a scientific global think-tank on ageing and muscle loss (sarcopenia) concluded that both exercise and also a higher intake of protein are needed as we age, in order to combat this muscle wastage.

Now getting to back to L-Leucine which is quite a special amino acid, it was also concluded that this particular amino acid is also a major contributor to muscle health and indeed is highly relevant to ageing muscle tissue. L-Leucine in particular is also a stimulus to helping us build muscle and therefore it is included in Prime Fifty’s Muscle Maintenance product. This is in addition to the L-Leucine which is already present from the protein itself within the formulation.