How we built the Prime Fifty formulas

How we built the Prime Fifty formulas

Prime Fifty’s mission is to help us stay active, as we know that this is the single most important thing to do if we are to stay healthy too.

Prime Fifty recently spoke to many over 50’s consumers and asked them to talk about their health and also what they wanted to retain as they got older. ALL of them told us that they wanted to avoid losing their mobility and wanted to remain active.

In essence, this means overall musculo-skeletal heath needs to be maintained and nurtured. So Prime Fifty embarked on a mission to offer to the over 50’s a range of products which are formulated just for that purpose ie muscle health, joint health, bone health and also an energising product too, as lack of energy was a very common complaint from the people we interviewed.

Micro Nutrient Deficiencies
Though it is well recognised that most people will get their recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals through a healthy diet, there is a huge amount of factual data from many international diet and nutrition studies showing that many, many people are deficient in a number of key vitamins and some minerals too.

Prime Fifty has examined data from studies including the huge USA NHANES study, the UK National Diet & Nutrition Survey (over 65’s), the German Nationwide Food Consumption Study from the Max Rubner Institute, internal scientific presentations from Tufts University (USA) and also a huge study of Micronutrient Intakes across Europe(over 64’s).

Therefore it is safe to say that Prime Fifty have done their homework and ensured that our understanding of nutrient deficiencies and possible deficiencies in the over 50’s population is based on fact. This understanding has enabled us to ensure we have formulated the products that are most relevant to the over 50’s.


Optimal Intakes
In addition to the fact that not everyone will get their daily allowance of some nutrients, it is also well documented scientifically that some nutrients are not absorbed as well as younger adults, so we may need to enhance our intake of certain nutrients to account for this.

One such vitamin is Vitamin B12, which can be poorly absorbed in up to 30% of over 60’s due to lower stomach acid, needed for efficient absorption of this particular Vitamin. Another is calcium which again is less well absorbed in the older population.

Vitamin D again is a very important bone relevant vitamin which we mostly get from sunlight. But as we age, we tend to spend less time outdoors and so supplementation is the only way to top up with this very important nutrient. The list goes on.

In addition to the above, there is a huge amount of evidence in the scientific literature which promotes the use of what is called ‘optimal’ intakes. This is where a higher than the recommended dose has been found in some studies to show additional health benefits. A good example is protein, where the recommended intake of around 60 grams per day, on average. Though most adults achieve this through their diet, there has been a huge amount of work carried out across many learned establishments which has shown that a higher protein diet is extremely beneficial to the muscle health of older people. This is to combat the muscle loss as we age (sarcopenia) and this benefit has been confirmed by a very impressive, international study called the ‘ProtAge’ study.

So, in conclusion, we have to overcome in some cases, deficiencies… but also, in some cases, higher than recommended intakes can be beneficial as proven by science.

Prime Fifty use relevant ‘healthy ageing’ ingredients across all products
Prime Fifty has developed a range of products that have been specifically formulated for the needs of the over 50’s. These products include Bone Health, Joint Health, Muscle Health and also Energy too.

However, Prime Fifty have decided to go the extra mile, as there are certain nutrients that are so important to the over 50’s, that we have added these special nutrients to ALL Prime Fifty products. Examples are:


Vitamin D
Added to all products across the range as this is such an important nutrient for bone health that we should simply never be deficient. The nutrition studies above show quite clearly that Vitamin D is indeed a vitamin of concern, especially for the ageing consumer.

Vitamin C
Added to all products across the range. Vitamin C is another vitamin that has been found to be consumed at lower levels than necessary with many adults. Vitamin C is a key anti-oxidant and is not only well known for its immunity benefits, but also according to some learned institutions, is involved in a range of health benefits such as cardio-vascular health and also cataract inhibition.

Vitamin E
This is a potent anti-oxidant and has been proven to protect our cells from what is called ‘oxidative stress’. This is the damage caused by free radicals in our body which lead to a whole range of cell damage issues. Prime Fifty have therefore included Vitamin E across the range as this is such a relevant nutrient in the ageing body. Interestingly a study in the US showed that over 90% of adults were found to be consuming less than the estimated average requirement for Vitamin E!

Vitamin B6
Though involved in many energy forming reactions in the body, B6 also has been proven to maintain normal levels of a substance called ‘homocysteine’. Homocysteine is present in the blood plasma and high levels are associated with cardio-vascular issues such as atherosclerosis (ie narrowing of the arteries). This is why Prime Fifty has decided to include this in all its products.

Vitamin B12
The absorption of B12 in older people can be far less efficient than their younger counterparts. This is due to a lower acidity in the stomach leading to little absorption (and therefore use) of Vitamin B12. This energy vitamin is also associated with the maintenance of homocysteine levels, just like B6 and hence highly relevant to the ageing consumer. Also, there is growing evidence that B12 is associated with brain health and cognition so getting the proper level on B12 is vital. Again, this is why Prime Fifty has incorporated this key vitamin into all of its products.

Folate is one of the B vitamins and this like some others has been found to be consumed at lower than recommended levels across the developed world. Folate is too important a vitamin to have deficiency in, so Prime Fifty have therefore included it in all its products. Like B12 and B6, folate has been proven to help maintain normal levels of homocysteine, thereby supporting cardio-vascular health, a key area for the ageing consumer.

This mineral is also one of concern according to many of the diet and nutrition studies cited above, in which significant problems have been observed. Though magnesium is involved in over three hundred biochemical reactions and is therefore a vital element, it is also a key component for bone health and this is why Prime Fifty has incorporated magnesium across its product range too. As one ages, the health of ones bones is of paramount importance if we are to avoid potential fractures.

Zinc carries more approved health claims than most and it is such a multi beneficial mineral that we have decided to include it also across the board. According to the Linus Pauling Institute in the US, zinc is less efficiently absorbed with age for a number of reasons. This makes zinc also a key mineral for the over 50’s consumer. It is involved in supporting the immune system, bone health (again) and also there is data now which suggests that zinc may be a key element for eye health, as zinc deficiencies have been associated with AMD (advanced macular degeneration) in older adults.

This mineral has been proven to be an effective anti–oxidant and works by contributing to the protection of cells from ‘oxidative stress’. This means that cells are protected from damage from the body’s free radicals. The end result from this protection is simply less damaged cells. This in turn means healthier cells and less degradation.

As we age, we tend to suffer from more and more oxidative stress so the protection from selenium is highly relevant, hence its inclusion across the entire Prime Fifty range.

Grape Seed Extract
You may have heard that sources of polyphenolics are great supporters of health and this is mainly due to their anti-oxidant properties. Fruit and vegetables are typically rich in such polyphenolics and have been pushed as a key part of our diet. Prime Fifty has therefore included a rich source of concentrated polyphenolics from its grape seed extract as its prime source.


Every time any Prime Fifty product is taken, all the above healthy ageing ingredients are present at the appropriate level.