Food Matters Podcast: Over-50 Health Needs with Dr Max Gowland

Dr Max Gowland PhD, Founder and Managing Director gave Food Matters Live’s table talk an insight into the decision to start the only brand that is exclusively dedicated to the nutritional and wellbeing needs of the over 50’s – Prime Fifty.

Many years ago, I worked for a sports nutrition company and being a bit older than the youngsters that work out in the gym, I decided to do a lot of research behind the scenes in the evenings to try and find out: what do older people want? And I was appalled and quite shocked at how much they were lacking protein and how much especially they were lacking many key micronutrients. So, I decided to start Prime Fifty because I knew that there was nothing on the market to actually help them with that particular weakness.

Fears for Health as You Age

We also decided to do some proper consumer research and we interviewed over one thousand over 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and we asked them, “What is it that you’re a little bit scared of losing as you get older? What do you want to hang on to as you age?”

Now, of course we got a long list ranging from heart to brain to cholesterol and a lot more but the number one priority for the over 50’s was to maintain mobility, to stay active and to stay independent and that was by far the most important. And by the way, they all complained about lack of energy as well, so we decided to start Prime Fifty and concentrate on musculoskeletal health.

Nutrient Needs of Older Adults

The first product range we decided to launch was the musculoskeletal range. So, what is musculoskeletal health? It’s basically looking after your bone health, your joint health , your muscle health too and of course everyone complained about the lack of energy and therefore we decided to also formulate a fighting fatigue product as well.

Our products are totally unique because first of all, we decided to concentrate on the over 50’s and beyond. Their metabolism and their problems, their ailments and their requirements are quite different to younger people. Secondly, Prime Fifty is unique because we decided to target specific health areas. It’s not a one-size-fits-all multivitamin (there’s nothing wrong with those) but we decided to make sure that we identified some of the key health areas relevant to the over 50’s and then to formulate specific, tailored formulations for those different areas.

Where can you find our products?

The consumer can find these products in many outlets. First of all, a whole raft of the products are on sale in Waitrose and on Amazon and also the Prime Fifty website, but the biggest seller of the products is QVC television which is UK’s largest quality TV shopping channel and they have the full range of Prime Fifty products stocked up at all times.

Prime Fifty is deciding that it will become an international player now and we already have products registered in the Middle East and we also have some interesting products in the pipeline, which I cannot really divulge at this stage but there’s some very high quality and quite innovative products coming out over the next six months.

We will be exhibiting at FML again, and we’ve got a nice open corner three by two metre stand at the exhibition this year. I’ve been there since the very first Food Matters Live exhibition many years ago and we will be exhibiting all our products, including our new products, so come along and see us at the Prime Fifty stand – we’d love to talk to you!