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  • Manganese

    This mineral is involved in some very important areas, all of which are very pertinent to the over 50’s.

    Firstly manganese will contribute to bone health, alongside calcium, vitamin D, zinc and copper too.

    It also is an essential contributor to the health of connective tissues so again, highly relevant to joint care and also tendons and ligaments. Though only present as a trace material, it also contributes to the protection of our cells from oxidative damage from free radicals, due to its anti-oxidant properties.

    Prime Fifty has included manganese, as for the over 50’s, these health areas are so important to address as best one can. 

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  • Boron

    Though only found in trace amount, boron plays a role in bone metabolism and bone health overall. Though no health claims or indeed recommended intake levels have been agreed with this mineral within Europe, it is well known scientifically to be associated with bone structure and composition, hence its inclusion in Prime fifty’s Bone Health product.

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  • Iodine

    Iodine is an essential component of the well-known thyroid hormone, thyroxine, found in the thyroid gland in which most of the iodine in our body resides. This hormone is responsible for regulating our metabolism within our entire body. Iodine deficiency can cause a condition known as goitre, in which the thyroid gland tends to swell.

    Iodine also not only contributes to energy metabolism, but also skin, the nervous system and even cognition within our brains.

    Prime fifty uses iodine in their energising product for this reason.

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  • Molybdenum

    This rather esoteric sounding mineral has been proven to be involved in important metabolic processes which utilise sulphur containing amino acids. Remember that amino acids are the building blocks of those ever important proteins, for muscles and so using the quite special sulphur containing amino acids means that molybdenum plays a key role here. It is unlikely that over 50’s will be deficient, but nevertheless, Prime Fifty have used molybdenum in their muscle maintenance product in order to ensure that enough molybdenum is present for the all-important muscle synthesis processes.

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  • Chromium

    Chromium is involved in the action of insulin, which in turn is responsible for the uptake and metabolism of carbohydrates, sugars, fats and also proteins. It is therefore a highly relevant mineral for the ageing adult. There are some scientific studies in the press too which suggest that the older adult may find it challenging to get all the chromium they need from diet alone and so supplementation of this key active is a good insurance in avoiding any shortfall vs recommended intake levels.

    Prime Fifty recognise this and again have included Chromium across their entire range.

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  • Selenium

    Most of our selenium intake comes from plants and it is well known that European soil is actually quite poor compared with the US. UK diet studies have indicated that a significant proportion of the adult population may have selenium intakes far below the recommended intake. So selenium intakes are seen as a risk area and therefore supplementation with this key trace mineral can be important.

     Selenium is a powerful anti-oxidant and protects our cells against oxidative damage, especially as we age. In fact selenium has been extensively studied by scientists across the world in relation to anti-cancer, brain health and cardiovascular issues too, though as this is a controversial field, it is too early to draw clear conclusions.

    Selenium has however been proven to also contribute to immunity, skin health and even bone health too by scientists within the EU.

    We view selenium as a highly relevant mineral for the ageing body, and so have included this as part of the Prime Fifty proprietary blend of micronutrients across the range.

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  • Copper

    Copper is present in trace amounts within our body. It is a key requirement in the formation of collagen and therefore is highly relevant to joint health and connective tissues. Surprisingly to many, copper is also another anti-oxidant and therefore will help protect cell damage from free radicals, just like zinc, Vitamin E and vitamin C.

    Copper is relevant to energy production too as it is involved in iron transport within the blood and also contributes to energy production.

    Prime Fifty includes the recommended daily level of copper within its Bone, Joint and Muscle products.

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  • Zinc

    Zinc is involved in over two hundred biochemical reactions and so it is an absolutely essential mineral within our diet. Zinc is becoming more and more, well known for its scientifically proven immunity support alongside Vitamin C. But in addition to this benefit, which is important as we age, zinc is also beneficial for your brain and its cognition. It also is involved in the synthesis of proteins, which of course is relevant to overall muscle health.

    Zinc is involved in vision too and has been proven to contribute to normal vision. It is also an excellent protector of cells from free radical damage, due to its anti-oxidant properties. 

    Zinc is therefore a very relevant mineral for the over 50’s and has been included in all the Prime Fifty products for this very reason.

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  • Iron

    Needed throughout the body, iron is an essential part of hemoglobin, which carries our oxygen around the body, within red blood cells. It is also found in another oxygen carrier called myoglobin which is found in our muscles. By helping to supply oxygen, it is easy to appreciate that if iron stores are low, then we can start to feel tired due to a lack of oxygen within our blood supply. This is a form of iron deficiency anemia.

     However, this problem is actually not that common and supplementation with iron is best done via one’s GP, as an over indulgence in iron, can also cause problems. In fact according to some learned establishments, older people are not at any more risk of deficiency that their younger counterparts. Too much iron can also cause nausea and constipation, so iron supplementation should typically be better only as a short-term measure.

    Prime Fifty have included iron at quite low amounts and only in their energizing product.

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  • Magnesium

    Most of our magnesium is present in our bones, but it is also an essential constituent of all our cells. It is involved in many different energy processes. In addition magnesium is involved with the synthesis of proteins in our body and therefore is vital for muscle function. Magnesium is also involved in DNA replication too.

    As this mineral is also a part of our bones, it is therefore vital to get at least the recommended intake or bone health will be compromised. 

    Prime Fifty’s Energising product, the Strong Bones product and also the Muscle Maintenance product all contain magnesium, in order to capitalize on magnesium’s diverse health support benefits.  

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