Combatting Muscle Loss as We Age

As we age our muscle mass is prone to significant decline, especially as we get to 50 and beyond.This affects both men and women. Only good exercise combined with a higher protein intake can help us inhibit this frailty-inducing ailment.Sarcopenia as it is called, is just a fact of ageing, but we should do all we can to fight this by doing weight baring exercise and combine this with a protein intake which is at least 90-100g of protein every day.

This is around three chicken breasts which most of us cannot in reality eat easily so why not take to a protein based nutritional drink such as Prime Fifty's Maintaining Muscle, available in strawberry flavour. This will give you at least another 16 g per serving and will help contribute not only high quality muscle building protein but also a raft of healthy ageing related vitamins and minerals, designed to help inhibit this age related sarcopenia.

Read the article below and also look at the two MRI images of young vs older muscle to see how muscle can decline so much when it is simply not used.