Prime Fifty


  • by Dr Max Gowland (Founder of Prime Fifty)

    Ever since a child, I was interested in the field of chemistry and this led me to eventually gain a degree and then later, a PhD in amino acid and antibiotic science. I worked in research and product development all my life and more recently worked within the field of sports nutrition.

    However, being as always, wanting to absorb knowledge on this subject, I started investigating more deeply, all the relevant science of ageing and the importance of nutrition in older adults. After all, I am one of these so called ‘older adults’ (at 60 myself now), so I found this particular field of science of even greater interest.

    I have to say what I read shocked me, as it became clear that us older adults really needed to take even greater care of our diet and also our exercise regime, even more so than our younger counterparts! But do we all really take note of this? Do we even understand this? I suspect not!

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