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  • This week sees the Prime Fifty range enter Waitrose all across the UK.

    All Waitrose shoppers will now be able to buy, for the very first time, a range of supplements that have been specifically formulated for the over 50s metabolism.

    Products include tablets for Fighting FATIGUE....for JOINT health and also (very importantly) for BONE health too. They are quite unique.

    This range includes not only those nutrients that are needed to support these three health areas, but also contains an additional 'healthy ageing blend', designed to fulfil a number of additional age related areas that need those extra nutrients.

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  • Leading nutritionist, chef and author, Christine Bailey, talks about how Prime Fifty can play a key role in helping us after 50. The product range focuses on helping our musculo-skeletal health and offers products focused just on these top four requirements.

    In a survey of over 50s carried out by Prime Fifty, the single most important area to look after as we age is simply staying active, mobile and fit, so we can simply continue doing what we have always done.

    Products include:

    • Strong Bones
    • Healthy Joints
    • Maintaining Strength and Muscle
    • And of course Fighting Fatigue too

    Listen to Christine in this short video:




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    • As Prime Fifty believes in staying active, we have teamed up with Forest Holidays to offer a full 10% off a luxury cabin break

       Escape to a luxury cabin with Forest Holidays at 9 locations across the UK. Set exclusively on Forestry Commission land, why not relax in your private hot tub after an invigorating walk along one of the many woodland trails? The perfect getaway for families, couples and groups of friends.  You can even bring the dog and stay in a pet-friendly cabin!

       To book your break, visit and enter code PRIME50 for 10% off the cost of your cabin. Alternatively, call 03330 110 495 and quote the code**

       *The code PRIME50 entitles the user to 10% off the cost of a cabin at any of the Forest Holiday locations. This code must be applied at the time of booking and cannot be used with any other offers. All bookings must be made by 31/01/2016, and breaks taken by 01/01/2017. Forest Holidays reserve the right to withdraw or amend this code at any time.


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    • Combatting muscle loss as we age

      As we age our muscle mass is prone to significant decline, especially as we get to 50 and beyond.This affects both men and women. Only good exercise combined with a higher protein intake can help us inhibit this frailty-inducing ailment.Sarcopenia as it is called, is just a fact of ageing, but we should do all we can to fight this by doing weight baring exercise and combine this with a protein intake which is at least 90-100g of protein every day.

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    • Do Supplements Work?

      There is a very simple answer to the question do supplements work….yes!

      But, nutrition is a highly complex area and one whose scientific knowledge base has grown enormously over the last 15 years or so. But then, why do we hear so many conflicting stories and reports, especially in the press? It just creates confusion for the consumer and also erodes credibility for the nutritionists and the various scientists involved in research within this area.

      Let me try and simplify this by going back to basics…..first of all, there have been various scientific studies looking at people’s diet habits, in order to work out what nutrients they may be missing in terms of meeting the recommended intakes. This is where we should start.

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    • One of my friends in my health and fitness network, Richard Miller from Buddy Active, shared with me this incredibly impactful video.....its worth just spending a few minutes looking at it(to the end!) and also send it on to your friends and family too.

      It carries some VERY important messages for ALL of us ,all based on real science too!


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    • When I started researching the health of older adults and their quite particular nutritional needs compared to their younger counterparts, I decided to start Prime Fifty. I believe I can make a major contribution to this sector by bringing in proper science combined with passion and genuine empathy too(I am 60 now myself).

      Prime Fifty is the only Company 100% focussed on the health and nutritional needs of the over 50s.

      Please have a look at my brief 2 minute video blog.....more to follow later.



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    • As we get older, exercise is essential to help our bodies remain fighting fit. Here are some top tips on how to stay physically active over the age of fifty.

      First of all, ANY exercise is a good thing.

      This can be anything from jogging, cycling, aerobics, pilates, yoga,  zumba and perhaps even the gym, right through to simply standing up from a chair 50 times a day for some people ,if you are currently very sedentary. The type of exercise and the degree of intensity is related to what you can do currently and not necessarily your age.

      If you haven't done any exercise for years, then start gently and build up gradually. If you're exercising for the first time or are unsure if you should try a particular activity, talk to your GP first.

      Experts recommend thirty minutes of moderate exercise a day at least five times a week. It can be all in one half- hour session, or split into three periods of ten minutes or in smaller bouts of activity throughout your day.

      A good starting point may be to begin with a short five-minute brisk walk in your local park.  Then build up gradually, increasing slowly to the full 30 minutes over a number of weeks. Walking is great for your health and there are walking groups open to different ages around the country. Walking is also a very good exercise for fat burning, as low intensity exercise like this has a much higher fat burning efficiency compared to high intensity exercise like running, where carbs are preferentially used for energy.

      As you get more familiar and more confident exercising, then you can think about extending the exercise and also ramping up its intensity.

      This could include anything from going to a zumba class, jogging, cycling, doing aerobics, going down to the gym etc. These activities will make a real difference to your life, not only in how you feel all round, but also how much good it will do to your overall health.

      Types of Exercise

      There are basically three areas that we need to think about…..and you will need to cover at all three types.

      a/ Aerobic exercise

      This is about expanding your lungs and breathing hard, which is great for the heart and the whole cardio-vascular system in its entirety. It’s so important to push our bodies on a daily basis to ensure that our heart and lungs work hard or they will simply start losing their effectiveness with time and eventually this can lead to chronic conditions such as hypertension(high blood pressure), high cholesterol and cardiovascular issues such as heart failure and strokes.

      b/ Resistance Exercise

      This is simply the technical term for weight bearing exercises. This can be a visit to the local gym where you can use a whole variety of machines to stress your muscles or it could be using your own body against gravity such as squats, sit ups etc.

      And don't think that older people don't go to gyms….they do and in their droves nowadays, as people are starting to realise that they need to look after their own bodies. They are taking responsibility themselves to do this and all credit to them for doing this.

      I am seeing more and more over 60s and over 70s visiting their gyms on a regular basis and these people really do look great for their age too. Also they are inhibiting age related ailments at the same time, as they continue to exercise on a regular basis.

      c/ Suppleness

      We all get stiffer as we age. Some of us will just have stiff joints, others will have sore joints and others may have arthritis itself., a very common ailment.

      One thing is certain however, and that is that we must continue to move and use our joints daily and also stretch our muscles too, in order to maintain as much movement as possible. If we don't do this, we will end up getting stiffer quicker and probably inducing more joint problems and with it more pain.

      If you do decide to stretch then take advise from any health care professional or even a personal trainer , which will know exactly what stretches are best for your particular age and ability.


      Good luck and keep active!

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    • Thinking longingly of retirement and the rocking chair? Think again! Older people need exercise just as much as young people. Here are all the reasons why exercise is essential for the over-50s.

      Whether you are a 50 or 60 something business man or a 50 or 60 something mother, whose kids have flown the nest, staying active as you get older is a critically important way of staying and feeling younger as those years go by.

      Physical decline is thought to be a result of ageing, whereas in reality it’s an end product of simply being less active. Think about this. It’s not just ageing that that forces us to take it easy. A lot of this slow down is in the mind and not the body ,so we must all be careful not to drop into the stereotypical pre-pensioner slow down.

      If you keep the body in good shape, it will be more effective in repairing itself when it’s needed too.

      In a recent piece of consumer research that we at Prime Fifty carried out with a number of over 50s, the majority of people told us that the most valuable ability they never wanted to lose as they age, was that of mobility. Walking to the shops, playing with the grandkids or just going for a long walk into the countryside.  It’s a simple request and we can all do something which will help us retain this gift….it’s as simple as just doing some regular physical activity and structured exercise.

      Physical activity means anything from everyday tasks, like cleaning the house, heavy gardening or walking the dog. Or it might be more specific exercise like keeping fit, cycling, jogging, aerobics, zumba, yoga, pilates, visiting the gym, swimming, golf, football, or tennis. The best type of activity is one that makes you feel warmer and breathe heavier and getting your heart and pulse pumping faster than usual.

      The huge benefits of keeping active include:

      • a reduced risk of developing a chronic illnesses and disease
      • a greater likelihood of maintaining or reaching a healthy weight
      • a greater sense of well-being
      • improved sleep and increased day-time vitality

      If you stay physically active, you're also likely to stay independent much longer. Exercise will also make you stronger and you'll feel more confident overall.

      If you’ve never exercised however, then it’s always best to talk to your doctor first. Your GP is also a good place to start to learn about exercise for your health.

      Inactivity and an overly sedentary lifestyle can unfortunately put us at greater risk of a whole host of disease states such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease and even some cancers.

      One can read a lot about how we are now living much older than we used to, many years ago. However, what we want is not just to live longer, but also we want to live our additional years as healthy as possible ie more healthy years with no disabilities.

      As we get older, of course, we get the odd ache and pain in our joints and also perhaps find it a little more difficult to lift that box, or the grandkids or even just bend or kneel in the garden. One of the reasons for this is that we are losing muscle mass and becoming weaker as we age. This is nothing new of course, but if we don’t exercise regularly, then this ability to do these various activities will slowly ebb away and we can find ourselves becoming less and less mobile. This in turn makes it even more difficult to be active and therefore we tend to then become even more sedentary… and this then becomes a vicious spiral.

      Muscle Wastage and Loss of Strength

      As we get older, we tend to start losing muscle mass. In fact we lose around 1% of our muscles every year after 45-50 yrs old and this accelerates too, which means we may have lost up to a quarter of our muscle mass by 65! This is quite a frightening fact, but unfortunately, this is what happens as we age.

      If we just let this go unchecked, then we will of course lose strength too, meaning that our ability to run, walk, bend, carry etc will all suffer. All this will lead to us to be less mobile than before and this can only get worse as we age further.

      However, with exercise, we can slow down this process dramatically and remain strong and active, and can continue for many years to do what we want, such as play with the grandkids, do the gardening and participate in activities and go for long walks. Some of us may even want to do other more demanding activities like jogging, cycling, weight training in the gym and so on. Whatever we choose to do, we need to enjoy it and this will mean we will keep doping it time and time again….just what we want!

      Many scientific studies have also proved that combining exercise with a higher intake of very healthy protein, can help maintain our muscles and also increase our strength too, which must be the right direction to take, if we are to remain healthy and active for as long as possible.


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    • 60 Years Tougher, est 1954

      By Dr Max Gowland (Founder of Prime Fifty)

      Early September was slowly catching up on me as I approached my 60th birthday. What would I do to celebrate this year as my birthday this time was going to be an extra special landmark?

      My good wife of 37 years, Kath planned a super evening do with all our friends in a nearby hotel, which was great fun…but this wasn’t the end!!

      I have three huge six foot four-plus sons (25, 29 and 32 years old) who have always looked after their health and have been regular exercise freaks but who would guess what they had in stall for me. No, not a nice extra special birthday cake…or a trip to Paris…or even something close…

      “Dad…we’ve bought entry tickets to this year’s ‘Tough Mudder’! We will be team Gowland and as a team we will be able to complete the course together with no problems…don’t worry.”

      Most youngsters will have heard of Tough Mudder...basically a course designed by Marines and supposedly to be one of the toughest endurance events on the planet. It’s a world-wide phenomenon and its now big in the UK with the fitness junkies. Definitely for the younger guys…

      Basically this event is a half marathon through very deep mud and with an additional 25 challenging obstacles. Some of these so called obstacles are quite horrific, whereas others are just plain difficult and stress the body to its limits.

      These include a range of very weird activities such as crawling under barbed wire in deep mud, wading through foul smelling liquid mud up to your neck, swimming across cold rivers, running up huge curved (and slippery) wooden and so on.

      Cleverly, many of the events are impossible to complete without the help of others, instilling a real sense of genuine brotherly teamwork. Luckily I had my three sons, without whom I would have been a gonner!

      Other events that really did alarm me a little, were those like the ice bath, which was basically a huge skip of iced water (with ice floating on top to keep the temperature around 3C) with a middle wall which forced you to swim underneath to emerge at the other side…5 seconds in that water and you could hardly move, as your muscles just seemed to become useless!

      Another event I remember was the dreaded cage crawl where you had to lie back in muddy water with a wire cage directly one inch above your face making it very claustrophobic and difficult to breath and also slowly pull yourself along the water for a 30M or so.

      Of the many obstacles, the one everyone remembers is the final and much dreaded ‘Electroshock Therapy’. This challenge was running through a muddy, slippery and uneven area, jam packed with hundreds of hanging wires, all charged to 20,000 volts. I remember this one very well when one of the wires touched my back and jolted me to the ground like someone giving me a big thump on the back…This was more serious than I thought!

      There were more obstacles….and more….and more, all designed to tire you out, on top of the running in mud too, up and down the side of hills….anything to cause more agony.

      Eventually, we all managed to cross the finish line after having been just jolted by the electric shock therapy...received our orange Tough Mudder headband (worn proudly) and also got our free pint of beer too, all part of the Tough Mudder ‘ceremony'.

      I have to say that this was one of the best days in my life spending some real quality time with my sons, doing what we all love best and having a great fun as a family too.

      For me staying fit throughout my whole life has always been a way of life. It’s just what I do and it’s just part of my normal day to day life. But the Tough Mudder was an exceptional day for me, as this really did show me what even a 60 year-old can do when he rises to the occasion.

      Yes, I was probably the oldest in the event that day, but that was part of the satisfaction….to be able to show to myself and others that just being 60, was not a block to entering or finishing such a gruelling course.

      Yes, of course it’s designed to be a fun event but it’s also pretty fearsome in places and to complete this event was a real personal achievement for me.

      So as I keep saying, 60 is just a number. It has little relevance to anything else and age should never be seen as a barrier to avoiding what you want to do in life.


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