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  • Every day we are losing muscle mass from degradation, but also are
    replenishing our muscle mass by building new muscle tissue with amino acids,
    which are the basic building blocks that come from the protein we ingest. When we are young, this balance is perfect, but as we age, the rate at which we lose muscle is significantly faster and our ability to build new muscle is somewhat less effective.
    This means that we tend to lose muscle mass and strength overall as we age. This is called age related ‘sarcopenia’. It is not a disease but a natural part of ageing.

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  • Great programme on ITV showing how a bit of exercise can make a truly HUGE difference to our health, especially as we age.
    Also weight is less important to monitor....much more important is body composition (ie your ratio of fat to muscle).
    Loss of muscle as we age is also a real concern(known as sarcopenia). Both exercise and also eating a higher protein diet is the best way to combat this. SO important especially as we age.
    Prime Fifty is the range of nutritional supplements aimed specifically at the over 50s and beyond.

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  • Dr Max, Founder of Prime Fifty, talks about the importance of ensuring we get all those key vitamins and also the key minerals to maintain our energy levels through the day.

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  • Talk Health Partnership


    Prime Fifty,  supplements have partnered with Talk Health today, an on line journal which delivers health care information to those who want to stay in touch with and enhance their health and wellbeing.

    We are also giving away some free samples too, so visit the link below:

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  • Prime Fifty makes its debut on QVC TV's The Morning Show. A total sell out in less than eight minutes!!



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  • The Daily Mail article here asks whether supplements are really worth taking....Dr Max, Founder of Prime Fifty,  answers the questions clearly, with particular focus on the over 50s and beyond who DO benefit enormously from taking well formulated, targeted supplements(such as Prime Fifty) on a daily basis.

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  • Take a look at our first newsletter, I've included a couple of informative articles and videos, which I hope will guide you in the complex and sometimes controversial subject of nutritional supplements - as well as a 1st Anniversary Special Offer!


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  • Dr Max Gowland, Founder of Prime Fifty, tells us in this short video why we need to supplement as we age. Just click on the link below:

    Why we should supplement

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    Dr Max Gowland, Founder of Prime Fifty ,takes you through some nutritional basics specific to the over 50s and dispels some very common myths on the way.

    Just click on the link below for the full article:

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  • A new report from Nuffield Health has shown that it's the over 65's who are the big gym users now!

    Don't forget too, that Prime Fifty supplements are also there to help you improve your musculo-skeletal health as you age ....the number one health area to manage as you get older.

                                                                                                                                                                            Over 65s the most frequent gym users: Nuffield research

    In the past you might have expected to see them on the bowling green, but today there’s a good chance that you’ll find an active pensioner pumping iron in the gym.That’s according to new statistics from Nuffield Health, which reveal that over 65s are the chain’s most active gym users. The not-for-profit wellness provider says that gym usage peaks at age 72 – when members typically rack up eight visits per month on average.

    The findings, taken from data across Nuffield Health’s 75 UK gyms, highlight a desire from Britain’s ageing population to remain active well into their 80s. The research chimes with a Barclays report published this week which found leisure providers could be missing out on £16bn in additional revenues each year by failing to adequately cater to the needs of over 65-year-olds.“The sheer number of older gym users in our gyms speaks volumes about the desire of those in the UK to remain fit and healthy,” said Nuffield Health’s deputy medical director of wellbeing, Dr Aldric Ratajczak. “The fact that our older members are using the facilities more often than any other is hugely encouraging.

    We know that regular exercise reduces the risk of memory decline, muscle loss and heart disease. In fact, exercise is the super pill we’ve been looking for to live happier and healthier through our later decades.”

    The research was released as Nuffield Health announced its new recovery programme for surgical patients at its hospitals, which will harness the power of the gym to aid recovery and ‘future proof’ them against ill health and sedentary lifestyles.The three-month Recovery Plus programme combines personalised and focused rehabilitation, nutrition and exercise over three months.

    It is aimed at people who have undergone surgery for procedures like hip and knee replacement, spinal surgeries, as well as helping women recover more quickly from major gynaecological surgeries including hysterectomy.“Many patients who come in for surgery have been living with reduced fitness and mobility and are often suffering from related illness like obesity or high blood pressure,” said Nuffield Health’s director of physiotherapy and Recovery Plus lead, Liz Adair. “Once the surgery has been carried out, patients may return to the sedentary lifestyle they were leading before the surgery because they feel vulnerable, have lost confidence, or have just got out of the habit of being active.

    We want to encourage patients to get back to a level of fitness that they may have not experienced since long before their problems started.” -

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